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What Is It About Men...?

Posted by Kelly on 2/13/2020
What Is It About Men...?
What is it about men...and jewelry?

According to historians, men have been wearing jewelry for thousands of years. The trends throughout those years have ranged from minimalist to extravagant, depending on religious beliefs, governing administrations and social standings.  

As men's clothing fashion evolved, their jewelry was often practical as well as decorative. When flamboyantly folded cravats, the precursors to the neck tie, came into vogue, the tie pin held everything in place. As voluminous trousers were replaced by skin tight pantaloons with no pockets, a chain was used to hold a timepiece. Cuff-links were developed to keep bulky sleeves closed and tidy.

In today's world, aside from any workplace dress code, men can comfortably choose from a wide variety of styles and designs that are acceptable in a multitude of settings. Social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook offer ideas for men to investigate and experiment with different looks and combinations. 

Antelope Beads is proud of our collection of men's jewelry designs. From simplistic elegance to bulky and bold, we have men's jewelry making ideas for every personality.

Simplicity At Its Finest
Bold and Beautiful
The Layered Look

We would love to see your finished projects. To share your designs and their stories, ask questions, connect with other jewelry makers and have access to live instructional videos that show you how to make or enhance your jewelry wardrobe, I hope you choose to join our Facebook group of over 2200 members and stay updated. All you have to do is ask to join: