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Women Making Jewelry

Posted by Kelly on 2/27/2020
Women Making Jewelry
Women, and men, have been draping themselves with gold, silver, jewels and pearls for thousands of years. But did you know...

Women were not accepted, or even acknowledged, as professional jewelers until just around the turn of the twentieth century?!

The Arts and Crafts movement in Europe in the mid 1800's is closely related to the women's suffrage movement, the time when women, for the first time, were experiencing life outside the marital home and building personal financial control. With this movement came unexpected opportunities.

"Jewelry Historians credit Charlotte Newman (1836 - 1920) as the first important female studio jeweler." ~
Mrs. Newman was the first English woman to be recognized as a jeweler. She started as an apprentice and, against all odds for success in her times, she branched out on her own to become very well known as the Divine Mrs. N.

And now, look how far we've come.

Antelope Beads started as one woman's quest for the perfect bead. That quest led Laura to gather what we believe to be a collection of Artisan and Fair-Trade Beads and Jewelry Components that is as inspiring as it is beautiful.

We are women helping women, and artists supporting one another’s art.

I acquired Antelope Beads in 2017, and we are proud to carry on that mission. We strive to offer you the best support, inspiration and products to open new doors for ourselves and the next generation of jewelry makers. Thank you for helping us, for helping women everywhere and for being part of Team Antelope.
Kelly Lin Wright

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