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Vegan Beading Cord Types

Iridescent Flat Cord
Cotton Cord - Flat
Cotton Cord - Regaliz
Cotton Cord - Round
Braided Nylon - 5mm
Cork Cord - Flat
Cork Cord - Mini Regaliz
Cork - 10mm Regaliz
Cork Cord - 5mm Round
Cork - 6 & 10mm Round
Faded Denim 5 & 10mm
lycra beading ribbonLycra Stringing Ribbon
Nylon Cord - 10mm Round
PVC Cord 10mm Flat

For our crafting customers who want to create colorful and unique designs without using animal products, we offer all sorts of fun vegan beading cord to choose from! Choose from popular Regaliz cork cord in flat or round styles for a rustic and weathered look on your bracelet or necklace, or add in some bright colorful tones with our nylon, knitted or cotton vegan jewelry cord options. Each style we offer is made with attention to quality and ethical sourcing, so you can feel good about how your design looks as well as where it comes from.

All of our vegan beading and jewelry cord is sold in strands by the inch, so be sure to get enough to have plenty of length in your designs and double check which types are compatible with certain clasps! Softer, lighter cord doesnt have the necessary tension to work with heavier clasps, so you may need to choose lighter options. If youre stumped on which components and clasps might work best for your design, go check out our vegan non leather alternative designs for examples using all sorts of vegan beading cord instead of leather products! Also, dont forget your order will ship for free if its $50 or more so stock up today!