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Fall Fashions for Men

Posted by Kelly on 10/3/2019 to News
Fall Fashions for Men
It's Fall! Now that summer is gone, we can hopefully look forward to cooler temps and unpacking those sweaters, boots and blankets. The beauty of the season is filled with lively colors that add excitement to the way we combine those colors with the textures we love. 

But what about the man in your life or those who are on your gift lists? It can sometimes be hard to give the appropriate design to the male side of the population. Many of the traditional lines between men's and women's fashions have become blurred, especially with younger people for whom the basic gender confines no longer exist. 

That being said, the workplace and some social circles still require a man to adhere to stricter, minimalistic guidelines. So how do we, as jewelry designers, meet those needs? First, keep in mind that, just like for women, jewelry should be a reflection of a man's style and self-image. Even if his daily routine may call for a plain bracelet made of a simple strand of leather and a clasp, nothing restricts him from stacking that same bracelet with others more ornate after work or when attending social events. 

I've put together some of the more popular of our men's designs at Antelope Beads. The three you'll find below span from the understated to the more ornamental. See what you think. 

SeaSnake Leather Bracelet. This simple design uses Genuine Snakeskin Flat Leather with a plain magnetic clasp. You can use other types of leather and add a slider or other embellishments to fit the personality of the guy who will wear it. Click on the image for a product list, a designer tip and a link to a helpful video tutorial. 
SeaSnake Bracelet

Copper Continually Braided Flat Leather Bracelet. Take the next step and add an interesting focal and Lark's Head Knot with decorative braided leather. The Infinity focal and the clasp are both in a copper finish, but choose the colors that will best suit who will wear it. Click on the image for a product list, instructions to make the Lark's Head Knot and a link to a helpful video tutorial. 

Continually Braided Bracelet

Elephant Walk Men's Leather Bracelet. Move up to an intermediate design and try some different techniques. This bracelet features multiple strands of leather, beads, wire coils and a macrame closure for a one-of-a-kind finished piece. Click on the image for the product list and complete instructions, along with links to video tutorials that will show you how to make the macrame slider clasp and the wire coils.

Elephant Walk Bracelet 

You can find more Men's Jewelry Inspirations here: Men's Jewelry Inspirations

We would love to see your finished projects. To share your designs and their stories, ask questions, connect with other jewelry makers and have access to live instructional videos that show you how to make or enhance your jewelry wardrobe, I hope you choose to join our Facebook group of over 2200 members and stay updated. All you have to do is ask to join: