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What Page Are You On?

Posted by Kelly on 1/9/2020
What Page Are You On?
It's a brand new chapter in your brand new year. What do you plan to do with it? Will you be jotting down notes about unfinished and leftover projects or are you writing a new outline for your business or your gifting itinerary?

Do You Have...

GOALS - This is more than just saying, "I wanna..." Setting and writing down goals can be life altering; but for this article, I'm going to keep it simple and ask, what are your goals for your upcoming jewelry making projects? Write them down and include a projected completion date.
Example: 12 Bracelet Designs by March 1.

Affirmations - technically another way to say 'Resolutions'. Saying your goals aloud in the present tense, as if they are already a reality, gives you a feeling of accomplishment that your subconscious will want to duplicate.
Example: I have 12 bracelets designed and components pulled for them.

Make a Plan - Now that you have a mental picture of the coming year, what's your plan to turn those 12 designs into finished pieces, ready for gifting or for selling? 

You can get our Jewelry Project Planner as a free download here: Get Your JEWELRY PROJECT PLANNER HERE.
Use it to plan each of your projects and keep your detailed information about them in one place all together.

Take Action: Nothing happens until you take action. You have your ideas and you have a plan. Now go do it!

Antelope Beads is proud of our teaching department. We hope to expand in this area in the coming year. However, our current instructional videos are extremely helpful for all levels of experience in jewelry making. Go to our Learning Channel on YouTube and watch and learn! 

To share your designs and their stories, ask questions, connect with other jewelry makers and have access to live instructional videos that show you how to make or enhance your jewelry wardrobe, I hope you choose to join our exclusive Facebook group Antelope Beads Market. All you have to do is ask to join: