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Closing Jump Rings

Posted by Kelly on 4/24/2024 to Learn
Closing Jump Rings
Closing a jump ring is a common technique used in jewelry making to secure components like charms, clasps, or other findings. Here's a step-by-step guide to closing a jump ring properly:

**Tools you'll need:**
- Jump ring
- Two pairs of jewelry pliers (flat-nose, chain-nose, or bent-nose pliers)

1. **Hold the jump ring:** Use one pair of pliers to hold the jump ring on one side. Position the opening at the top, facing you.

2. **Use the second pair of pliers:** Use the second pair of pliers to grip the other side of the jump ring.

3. **Twist the ends:** Gently twist the ends of the jump ring in opposite directions. One hand should twist away from you, and the other hand should twist towards you. This motion should align the ends and close the gap.

4. **Check for closure:** Once you've twisted the ends together, visually inspect the jump ring to ensure that the ends are flush and there are no gaps. Gently squeeze the jump ring with your pliers if needed to ensure a tight closure.

5. **Realign if necessary:** If the jump ring is not perfectly aligned after closing, use your pliers to twist the ends back and forth slightly until they are flush and the closure looks seamless.

6. **Finished:** Once the jump ring is closed securely, you can use it to attach components to your jewelry design.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so don't worry if your first few attempts aren't perfect. With a bit of practice, you'll be able to close jump rings neatly and securely.

We have jump rings in a variety of sizes and finishes and you can find them HERE.