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SeaScape Convertible Wrap Bracelet/Necklace

Supplies List:

35 inches 2mm Round Indian Leather Cord - Metallic Light Turquoise - per foot Sku: 2RM-2118
14-16 Amazonite 8mm Round Large Hole (2.5mm) 8" Sku: AMZRDLH8-8
18-20 Rosewood Bead Round 6mm Large Hole (15) Part Number:RS-635108
28-32 3mm Rubber O-Ring Bag of 25 Spacers – Charcoal Part Number:ROR3-CHRCLB
57-60 Jump Ring 4mm 21g (100) – Silver Part Number:JR4-S
18-22 Jump Ring 6mm 21g (40) – Silver Part Number:JR6-S
1 2mm round DONUT bead ANT SILVER Sku: 2R-SL-2B-1AS
2 2mm round CLASSIC 8mm bead BRIGHT SILVER Sku: 2R-SL-2B-9AS
2-4 2mm round CLASSIC 4mm bead BRIGHT SILVER Sku: 2R-SL-2B-5S
1 pair 2mm Bell End Cap Loop Round Leather Cord Clasp (2) - Antique Silver Part Number:2R-CL-11AS
1 Clasp Lobster 12mm (2) – Silver Part Number:CL902-S
Supertite Glue

Attach the clasp to one end cap with a 4mm jump ring; attach a 6mm jump ring to the other end cap. Thread the following beads on the leather: a Rosewood bead, the donut bead with an amazonite bead in the center, and another Rosewood bead. Center the beads and secure in place with an O-ring on either side (slide the ring over both sides of a pair of round nose pliers and open the pliers slightly to stretch the ring and insert the leather into the ring). Divide the remaining components in half. Add 3 4mm jump rings to one side of the leather; follow with another O-Ring. Position the O-ring about 1 ¼ inches from the previous ring. Add a combination of Rosewood, silver, and amazonite beads and 6mm jump rings as desired, 2-4 beads and 1-2 jump rings. Secure with another O-ring and then add 3 more 4mm jump rings. Continue to add beads to one side until half of the beads have been added, then add beads to the other side. The groupings can be adjusted as desired by repositioning the O-rings. Glue the end caps onto each end of the leather.

Length: 36 inch necklace or 7-inch 5-wrap bracelet

Need: Chain Nose Pliers, Flat Nose Pliers, Flush Cutters or Sharp Scissors