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Samunnat Polymer Clay Beads - Nepal

Samunnat Craft Beads for Jewelry

Custom jewelry is chock full of originality and personality. We're proud to support that through all of the different findings and components we offer at Antelope Beads, but there is just something undeniably beautiful and simple about artisan, handmade beads. The Samunnat beads for sale on our site offer originality in every bead. Wear these Nepalese Polymer Clay Samunnat beads with pride and spread the bright, colorful culture of Nepal! Learn more about the women of Samunnat, who make these beautiful beads.

Bindu Beads
Large-Hole Sliders
Shisa Beads
Shaped Beads
All Samunnat Beads

Natural, Beautiful Beads from Samunnat

The eye-catching, geometric designs of our Bindu, Funk, or Sari & Sundari beads are beautifully hand-designed and represent the creativity and unique expression of the women who designed them. Not to be outdone, the simplicity of our natural spice beads will add a touch of warm, earthy tones to any bracelet design. These Samunnat polymer clay beads are truly something to behold! By purchasing and wearing these beads on your bracelets, you provide income for the women designing them, help them feed their children, help them afford medicine, and help them send their kids to school. Who knew such a life-altering thing could exist in such a small space?

Looking for inspiration using Samunnat beads? Take a look at our Samunnat bead design ideas for some great tips on how to use these one-of-a-kind beads.