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Regaliz Leather Cord Bracelet Tutorials


How to make a Greek Regaliz Bracelet Using Clay River Slides

About Tutorial:See how to make a Regaliz Leather Cord Bracelet using a Regaliz Snap Clasp and Regaliz Spacers and Clay River Porcelain Slider Beads

How to make a Regaliz Bracelet Bracelet for a Man

About Tutorial:Men's Bracelet - See how to make a Regaliz Leather Cord Bracelet for a guy or a girl using Regaliz Matte Black Leather Cord, Regaliz Spacer Tube and Magnetic Clasp

Regaliz Leather & Euro Leather Cord Styles Overview

About Tutorial:In this video overview we take a look at all the Regaliz Leather & Euro Leather Cord offerings including the new Mini Regaliz Snakeskin Print Cord and Italian Flat Leather Metallics to inspire your designs.

Regaliz Leather Clasp Overview

About Tutorial:Jamie provides an overview of all the different clasps that work with the Regaliz Leather Cord and 5mm Round Euro Leather. See our full selection of snap and magnetic clasps and how to use the Super New Glue.

New Leather Cord Overview and Techniques

About Tutorial:4 New Gorgeous Lines of Leather you are going to LOVE! In this video Jamie provides an overview of the new leathers called Arizona, Egyptian, Vintage and Cancun. The new leathers come in beautiful colors and have wonderful textures. Please see our Leather Guide to see what leathers fit best on clasps and components.

Rubber O Rings for Jewelry Making - Overview & Techniques

About Tutorial:Rubber O Rings are colorful, functional & versatile making them the best thing since sliced bread! In this video Jamie gives a detailed overview of the different sizes of Rubber O Rings. She also shows several techniques and tips working with the different sizes of leather cord..

Using Colorful Rubber O-Rings on Regaliz Leather Cord Tutorial
About Tutorial:Using Rubber O-Rings is so much fun and inexpensive! At 20 Cents a piece you can't go wrong. Rubber O-Rings are great for holding slides in place and adding a great pop of color to any design. You can even add more later as they can stretch over your clasp. In this tutorial Jamie demonstrates several techniques using the Rubber O-Rings. Have Fun!!!

Crimping Metal Spacers on Regaliz & Euro Leather Cord Tutorial

About Tutorial:In this video Jamie demonstrates how to crimp metal spacers on the Regaliz & Euro Leather Cord. The crimping not only holds all beads in place they can also be part of your unique design.

How to make a Regaliz Bracelet Using Crystal Studded Cord

About Tutorial:See how to make a Regaliz Greek Leather Cord Bracelet using a Regaliz Magnetic Clasp and Regaliz Crystal Studded Leather Cord. See how to attach clasp to crystal studded and stitched leather cord

Regaliz & Euro Leather Holiday Gift Guide

About Tutorial:Regaliz & Euro Leather bracelets will be THE hottest jewelry gifts of this holiday season for all genders & ages! With an entry price point of under $20 it makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for people on your gift list. These custom designed jewelry creations can easily be made in less than 10 minutes. Now all you have to do is go shopping on the site to create your own perfect gifts for your loved ones.

How to make Origami Gift Boxes Tutorial

About Tutorial:Antelope Beads' resident designer Jamie Hogsett demonstrates how to make these cute Origami Gift Boxes for all your jewelry gifts using Scrapbook Paper found at craft stores like Michaels. Boxes can be made any size. The top square paper size needs to be 1/2 inch larger than the bottom.