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Do You Boho?

Posted by Kelly on 8/8/2019
Many think that the Boho (Bohemian) lifestyle began in the 60's with the influx of the 'hippies', the anti-establishment wave of a free-spirited counter culture.

Looking Back to See...Jewelry!

Posted by Kelly on 7/25/2019 to News
Looking Back to See...Jewelry!
In today's world of instant information at a click, it's sometimes fun, and beneficial, to look at the history behind our interests. In this instance, I thought we could find out a little more about necklaces and the elements that we use in jewelry making projects.

Adventures in Business

Posted by Kelly on 7/11/2019 to News
Adventures in Business
The first and biggest challenge facing any prospective business owner is, of course, the initial decision and then finding the initiative to follow through with it. Owning and running any kind of successful business is hard work, so your major challenge is to understand the commitment needed to make it happen. Are you ready to make that commitment?

Cool Summer Fun in the Sun!

Posted by Kelly on 6/27/2019 to News
Cool Summer Fun in the Sun!
Summer brings with it an array of outdoor activities, along with heat and humidity, getting caught in the rain and, maybe more showers or baths than usual. Water, salt water, chemicals (as in bug spray or chlorine), soaps and perfumes can affect the finish of metal components in your fine jewelry. We always suggest you never bathe, shower or swim while wearing any jewelry, unless you know it's solid gold or silver.

The Eye of Imagination

Posted by Kelly on 6/13/2019 to News
The Eye of Imagination
When you have a passion for jewelry making, whether to wear yourself, to give as gifts or to sell in your jewelry business, it might seem you're always searching for ways to keep your design ideas fresh and new.
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