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Wild Stripes Cuff Flat Leather Bracelet

Wild Stripes Cuff Flat Leather Bracelet

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Supply List:

  • 7 inches Cow Hair 10mm Flat Leather Cord - Dark Brown Stripe Print
  • 14 inches 5mm Flat Leather Cord - Metallic Brown
  • 1 20mm Glue-In Cuff Flat Leather Cord - Gunmetal
  • Super New Glue
  • E6000 Glue .18 oz - Industrial Strength Adhesive

    Finished Length: 6 3/4 inches

    Time To Finish: Under 1 Hour

    Level of Difficulty: Beginner

    Tools: Leather Cutter, Flush Cutter, Nail File
  • Designer Tip: Cut the 5mm leather in half. Trim the outside edge of the 5mm leather so it fits into the curved sides of the cuff: you will need to slightly round one corner of the leather (you may need to use a nail file to round the corners). Use Super New Glue to glue the ends of the 5 and 10mm leather into the cuff as shown. Use E6000 Glue to glue all but the last half inch of the leather into the cuff. Measure, cut, and round the corners of the second ends of the leather to fit and use the Super New Glue to glue the last half inch of the leather into the cuff. If the Super New Glue does not hold, allow it to dry completely and reapply. The rationale for using the E-6000 everywhere but the ends is that is it bonds with some elasticity and will allow the bangle to be opened and closed without cracking. Super New Glue tends to be a bit more brittle when it is dry, and that is why we don't recommend it for the bendable part of the cuff, but will hold the ends strongly.
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    Super New Glue
    Super New Glue
    Part #: glue-sng
    Sold in a 3 gram bottle. This glue sets in seconds. One drop bonds approximately one square inch of leather, rubber, metal, glass, ceramics, porcelain and plastic.
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