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Time Out for Sultry Jewelry

Posted by Kelly on 5/19/2019
What comes to your mind when you think of summer fashion?

Do you dress in business attire with minimal jewelry for your profession? Maybe you wear a uniform of some sort. Perhaps your job is just easier performed without wearing jewelry?

But for many of us, after hours and weekends call for puttin' on some sultry bling! I thought we could talk about some ways to design and make jewelry that will add sparkle to your wardrobe, while keeping summer in mind.

Keep it lightweight, simple and fun, but still add color and a little glitz.

Let's start with our 'In the Abstract' Bracelet, a simple statement piece with a pretty Dorabeth focal. Measure a little differently and make it into a sassy ankle bracelet. Click on the image to get instructions and the product list.
In the Abstract
Our cultured Sea Glass Beads have a matte finish, like the polish that would naturally be created by time, sand and sea. Sea Glass Beads are available in many different styles and over 36 colors. The Sea of Blue Cultured Sea Glass Necklace is a creation that just looks like it came from the sea. Click on the image to find how to make this design.
Sea of Blue Necklace
These 'Fire Cracker' Earrings will add some sizzle to your hot summer evenings. They are also made of cultured sea glass beads to keep them lightweight but with a spicy red color. Click on the image to see exactly how you can make these great earrings.
Fire Cracker Earrings
Below are a few suggestions of other elements you can use in your jewelry making projects. We encourage you to 'think outside the box' and let your imagination and creativity take you to new designs and techniques that will give you a wide variation in your jewelry wardrobe. Click on the images to see what is available.

Lycra Ribbon Beading Cord

Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon

Waxed Beading Cord

To share your designs and their stories, ask questions, connect with other jewelry makers and have access to live instructional videos that show you how to make or enhance your jewelry wardrobe, I am offering my personal invitation to be a member of our exclusive
All you have to do is ask to join.