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Tagua Nut Bead Story

Tagua Nut Bead Story

Tagua (tog-wa) Nut Beads, sustainably made from the nuts of South American rain forest palm trees, are an eco-friendly product that provides employment for nearly 35,000 people. Tagua is often called vegetable ivory or palm ivory, due to its color and rock-hardness when dried. See picture of raw nut below. Tagua nuts have been used for decades to make buttons and dominos, as well. Tagua serves nicely as an environmentally sensitive substitute for animal ivory and can be made into beautiful carved figurines and scrimshaw.

Each unique bead is dyed in rich, fade-proof colors before being hand-carved and polished to a luxuriant luster. Each item has a unique look that upon closer look reveals a beautiful grain. A purchase of Tagua nut beads opens the door to myriad opportunities for creating distinctive, appealing, and environmentally friendly accessories.

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Raw Tagua Nuts