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Supertite Glue 5g tube

Supertite Glue 5g tube
Supertite Glue 5g tube

Supertite Glue 5g tube

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Sold in a 5g tube.

SUPERTITE adhesives meets EU regulation requirements and is the safest range of consumer adhesives in the marketplace. Supertite adhesives has zero cancer warnings, zero birth-defect warnings, zero neurological warnings and zero Prop65 cancer warnings. Using a small amount of glue is important to allow the glue resin to work and bond both materials. Too much glue and this might slow the bond and make the bonding of the surfaces not as strong. Make sure to wipe clean any glue immediately with a dry cloth or use Supertite Instant Glue Cleaner to remove cured adhesive from the jewelry, clothes or skin. Always try to store bottled superglue away from sunlight and in a cool dark place. You do not need to keep in the freezer.

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