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Super New Glue

Super New Glue
Super New Glue

Super New Glue

Brand:  BB Order

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Sold in a 3 gram bottle.

This glue sets in seconds. One drop bonds approximately one square inch of leather, rubber, metal, glass, ceramics, porcelain and plastic.

Use 1-3 drops per clasp, depending on the size of the clasp. It is best to apply the glue to the metal and then insert the leather or stringing material, otherwise the glue may absorb into the leather and the bond will not be as secure.

Please use with caution! Super New Glue will bond to anything, including your skin. Immediately wash any exposed areas with warm soapy water. We do not have a solvent for this glue, or know of any solvents that are guaranteed to work. Customers have used acetate with mixed success. Note: Ethyl cyanoacrylate is not a known carcinogen, and has no transportation or shipping restrictions. Shelf life: Most super glues (cyanoacrylates) have a shelf life of 12-15 months when sealed. Eventually moisture in the air will react with the glue and cause it to harden. Shelf life can be extended by storing unopened bottles in the fridge. Keep at room temperature after opening.

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