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Samunnat Beads from Nepal

Samunnat Polymer Clay Beads from Nepal Introduction Overview Video

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Samunnat Nepal grew from the desire of a group of Nepalese sammunat_board
friends to help the many women they met whose lives have been
damaged by domestic violence, physical and psychological abuse.
The friends realized that they could help more by forming a
group than they could by assisting individually. Thus Samunnat
was formed. The group was registered as a non-government
organization (NGO) in 2007. These people live in the troubled
Jhapa district of Eastern Nepal, 15 hours by bus east of

Samunnat offers skills training, counseling, legal assistance
and other tools for change. A womans involvement with
Samunnat averages 12-15 weeks although it can continue for
many months. Some women are involved with complicated legal
situations and support is provided until there has been a
satisfactory conclusion. Others leave because they have been rotator3
able to establish a safe home for themselves and their children
or because family conflict has been resolved or negotiations
made. Most women retain a link with the organization and
some have come back to support others when their time of
need has passed. Many want to contribute in some way to the
organization that helped them to get on their feet.

The purchase of Samunnat polymer clay beads is helping
provide the women of Samunnat with the necessary resources
to improve their lives and the lives of their families
and communities.

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