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The Art of Jewelry Making

Posted by Kelly on 11/7/2019 to News
The Art of Jewelry Making
Do you practice the Art of Jewelry Making? Do you design jewelry? Do people buy your finished pieces or delight in getting them as gifts? Do you consider yourself an artist? In the world of art critics, jewelry making is not always considered an art form. However...

Fall Fashions for Men

Posted by Kelly on 10/3/2019 to News
Fall Fashions for Men
It's Fall! Now that summer is gone, we can hopefully look forward to cooler temps and unpacking those sweaters, boots and blankets. The beauty of the season is filled with lively colors that add excitement to the way we combine those colors with the textures we love. But what about the man in your life or those who are on your gift lists?

Dare to Step Beyond!

Posted by Kelly on 8/22/2019 to News
If you are a jewelry designer, you know that your creations can be as simple or as complicatedly detailed as your imagination and experience level will allow. There is really no other limit to what you can do; and sometimes your creativity can overcome your experience level. Dare to step beyond your comfort zone.

Looking Back to See...Jewelry!

Posted by Kelly on 7/25/2019 to News
Looking Back to See...Jewelry!
In today's world of instant information at a click, it's sometimes fun, and beneficial, to look at the history behind our interests. In this instance, I thought we could find out a little more about necklaces and the elements that we use in jewelry making projects.

Adventures in Business

Posted by Kelly on 7/11/2019 to News
Adventures in Business
The first and biggest challenge facing any prospective business owner is, of course, the initial decision and then finding the initiative to follow through with it. Owning and running any kind of successful business is hard work, so your major challenge is to understand the commitment needed to make it happen. Are you ready to make that commitment?
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