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Let's Get Knotty!

Posted by Kelly on 10/17/2019 to News
Let's Get Knotty!
Knots are an integral part of jewelry making, especially when beading and using leather and other beading cord. They are a great way to keep beads, charms and focals in place, they are used in place of spacer beads, by themselves as enhancements and are also often used for closures. Tying knots in your jewelry designs adds texture and dimension. They are functional, decorative and add interest to your finished pieces.

There are several basic knots that are often used in various designs. Today I thought we would talk about a few that are commonly used by jewelry makers.

Below you will find links to video tutorials that show how you, too, can add pretty and useful knots to your designs. I've also included links to a printable version in PDF form that will show you step-by-step instructions for each knotting technique. Your recipients will ooh and ah at your creativity!

NOTE: Some designs used in these videos may contain products that are no longer available; however, Antelope Beads has comparable items for all. Please choose something else instead. The techniques will be the same.

Square Knot: The square knot is a fun, general-purpose knot that is easy for even the beginner to master to get a unique result. Click on the image to watch the video tutorial.

Half Knot: Using the spiral or half knot, either with beads or alone, gives a lovely spiral effect to your finished pieces. Click on the image to watch the video tutorial.
Half Knot

Find the Half Knot Downloadable Instructions HERE

Spanish Knot: The Spanish knot is very versatile, used singly as spacers between beads, to frame beads or in a series of knots together, you will get a striking design.
Spanish Knot

Find the Spanish Knot Downloadable Instructions HERE

Coil Knot: Coil knots are extremely versatile and functional as well. They can be used to embellish a bracelet, in place of a slide and can also be used to form a loop at the end of the bracelet to secure clasps and other findings.
Coil Knot

Josephine Knot: The Josephine Knot, also known as the Pretzel Knot for obvious reasons, is a classic macrame technique, a little more advanced than the ones previously mentioned, but is well worth the time in learning it. It will quickly become a favorite to include in your designs.
Josephine Knot

I hope these tutorials have enticed you to incorporate knotting into your own jewelry making resumé. We would love to see your finished pieces and the stories behind them.

To share your designs and their stories, ask questions, connect with other jewelry makers and have access to live instructional videos that show you how to make or enhance your jewelry wardrobe, I hope you choose to join our exclusive Facebook group Antelope Beads Market. All you have to do is ask to join:

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