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20mm Glue-In Cuff Flat Leather Cord - Shiny Gold

Brand:  BB Order
20mm Glue-In Cuff Flat Leather Cord - Shiny Gold

20mm Glue-In Cuff Flat Leather Cord - Shiny Gold

Brand:  BB Order

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Outer Diameter: 6 3/4 inches - start with 7 inch piece of cord and trim
Adjustable - will fit most wrist sizes
Sold Individually
Brass Base Plated with Gold
Blank Base to glue in 20mm flat cord
Designer Tip: Each bangle takes one bracelet blank and 6 1/2 inches of 20mm leather or 13 inches of 10mm Leather cut into two 6 1/2 inch lengths or 26 inches of 5mm Leather cut into four 6 1/2 inch lengths. The bracelet blanks have rounded corners and the ends are at a slight angle. Using sharp scissors or flush cutters, trim one end of the leather to fit the bangle. Glue the end in with Super New Glue and use tape or wire to hold the leather in place while drying. Spread a small amount of E-6000 on the bracelet blank starting from the glued portion to about inch away from the other end. Press leather in place and trim other end to fit in bangle. Apply Super New Glue to the end of bangle and press leather in place, again using tape of wire to hold the leather while the glue is drying. A nail file can be used to smooth the rounded corners if desired. If the Super New Glue does not hold, allow it to dry completely and reapply. The rationale for using the E-6000 everywhere but the ends is that is it bonds with some elasticity and will allow the bangle to be opened and closed without cracking. Super New Glue tends to be a bit more brittle when it is dry, and that is why we don't recommend it for the bendable part of the cuff, but will hold.

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