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Suede 5mm Flat Cord - Pink - per inch

Suede 5mm Flat Cord - Pink - per inch
Suede 5mm Flat Cord - Pink

Suede 5mm Flat Cord - Pink - per inch

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5mm Flat Pink Suede Cord

This perfectly pink flat suede beading cord is made of the highest quality cowhide in the European Union. As such, it contains more joins than youll usually find in suede. We love suede for its soft feel, adding a new texture to any jewelry design. Suede does tend to be thinner than most flat leathers, so you may find that you need to fold it over itself to give it enough thickness for clasps and larger components.

We sell this beautiful 5mm flat suede cord by the inch and know youll be buying foot after foot of it so its light, popping color can be featured in every design you create. Need some inspiration? Check out our flat cord tutorials to get started, and then fill up your cart!


  • 5 x 1.5mm (sizes vary slightly)
  • Sold by the inch

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